Company Profile

SDP Investment, founded in 2017, is an investment management platform focusing on acquisition of prime properties in Tier 1 cities in China. We achieve value appreciation through effective market positioning and proactive asset management.

Founded by Mr. Miao CHI, SDP Investment has a professional team with insightful industry knowledge, solid investment experience, and strong asset management capability. All of our professionals come from leading real estate developers or investment companies.

Benefit from our extensive network in China, SDP Investment is able to identify attractive investment opportunities and implement the best asset management practice to improve property values. In addition, SDP Investment is investing into the operating companies or platforms in real estate, logistics and datacenter sectors.

Investment Approach

Real Estate

Focusing on Tier 1 Cities

Acquire office or mixed-use properties in prime locations and proactively manage our portfolio.

Capturing Under-valued Assets

Identify off-market opportunities and under-valued assets through our proprietary network.

Enhancing Property Values

Leverage our strong asset management capability in market repositioning, property renovation and operational efficiency improvement to create values.

Private Equity

Focus on operational platform opportunities in real estate, logistics and datacenter sectors.